Most people, including job seekers, have a lengthy internet history and they are quite often not aware of it. Try to Google your own name and see what comes up. You might be surprised. We use social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn almost daily and might even make public wish lists on Amazon.

All of these sites and information about you create an online brand and an impression in the eyes of the recruiter. If you are looking for marketing jobs or work in the marketing field, then you have to seriously consider how you are portraying yourself online because  all of the things you do online, i.e. your user-generated content, are  visible to anyone who knows how to search, such as recruiters. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to ensure that you know what is visible and what is not and to manage your online brand. So how to do you this?

Google yourself

The first step is to Google yourself and to see what is already out there. The higher up the results the more authority this page has. This could mean that a comment in an open forum from 3 years ago may appear in the first page of Google’s results. Decide on what you don’t want recruiters to see. If you, for example, have posted a comment in a forum that is not relevant to recruiters and may potentially damage your online brand, then consider deleting the post. If you lost your log in details, don’t be afraid to email the webmaster and to ask if he can delete it on your behalf. Continue doing this, until you are satisfied with the results that are appearing on the search engines when you type in your name.

Change your settings

This is really important. Quite often we don’t realize that status updates and/or certain albums on Facebook can still be viewed by the public. Take your time to read through the settings and ensure that recruiters can only see what you want them to see. This is the same for your LinkedIn profile. Many forget that you can decide on whether you’d prefer your professional profile picture to be publicly visible or only to your connections. Personally, I believe that Facebook should be completely hidden from the public, only visible to your friends. If you are an experience marketing employee with many connections then consider showing your profile picture. If you are a recent graduate, I would not display the picture because it may give recruiters a different impression, even though it is just a picture. It is better to be safe!

Promote yourself

With promoting yourself, I am referring to your online brand and your differentiating factor, i.e. your unique selling point. Knowing your unique selling point is a must because this will ensure that you stand out from the rest. An example of  how to promote your unique selling point is when you speak more than two languages and you ensure that your twitter profile description says “Tweets in English and Spanish”. When recruiters find your twitter profile then they see this which in turn makes you more credible. Don’t forget to include language proficiency’s in your LinkedIn profile as well!


It gives such a pleasure to say out loud that, “This is my own home”. Everybody cherishes a dream of owning a residence. While for some, their home is a luxury to show off, for others it might be a basic necessity. However, not all can afford to have their own place to stay in. Home finance makes their dream come true.

Well, if you are considering taking out a home loan or mortgage, you should take the initiative yourself, to know all about it. The following tips might come to your use when you will be looking around for a mortgage:

Evaluate your financial situation – Get to know how much you can afford for your mortgage payments. Chalk out a budget to know your income, expenses and savings. You would need to pay not only for the home finance, but also for the property taxes, maintenance, insurance costs and all, when you buy a new home. Plan in advance, so that you don’t miss out on any of the payments later on.

Research to understand how mortgage works – Before you take out a home loan or a mortgage, you should know in details about the whole procedure. It is advisable to understand the risks and benefits of each loan option. What are the required fees, what are the mortgage types, what are the terms involved etc. should be known, before you opt for a home finance.

Compare your options, before selection – A lot of mortgage options will be put up before you, when you go shopping for one. You will need to choose that one amongst them which will be the most beneficial for you. Compare home finance rates online, and shop around.

Wait to get the best deal – The market conditions are constantly fluctuating. There is no hurry to take out a loan immediately. The lenders will present several temptations before you. Try to not plunge into those, since there might be lots of hidden costs involved. Patience will come to your benefit, if you choose wisely.

Save for the down payment – Your home finance option will provide you financial assistance when you buy a house. However, you will need to make around 20% of the total loan amount as down payment. Hence, before you even consider about buying a house, make sure that you have enough cash reserve, so that you can provide the down payments on your own.

Look into your credit report – Each mortgage lender makes credit inquiries, when you apply for a home finance. This is done to have an estimate about your financial condition, and to know whether or not you are responsible enough to make timely payments on your other bills. The higher your credit score, the better will be your chances to get a good deal on your home finance.

Buying a home is a huge investment. Measure your steps, so that you don’t regret your decision afterwards.


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We are dedicated to establishing unquestionable customer satisfaction and long lasting relationships through world-class quality service and ethical business practices.


We are a group of professionals with years of experience in a wide range of industries.RIFT SUCCESS, LLC recruits the best of the best in order to provide our clients and colleagues with a new level of SUCCESS. Our team’s tireless dedication, professionalism, and passion are the front line of the RIFT SUCCESS business model, which is why RIFT isSUCCESS!


Competing for business is quite the task, especially if you haven’t branded your company and/or product line effectively. Team SUCCESS can help you do just that for a fraction of the competition’s cost. Whether it’s logos, banners, or entire websites, no task is too big or too small. We guarantee your brand will stand out from the rest!


RIFT SUCCESS is able to be the rift in the miss-communication between employees and employers because we provide solutions that are beneficial to all parties involved. With so many options out there, both job seekers and employers, find it difficult to choose what’s right for them. Keeping that in mind, we designed our staffing & recruiting programs to be not only easy to understand and use, but also affordable to purchase. Our job seekers enjoy the opportunity to work with prominent recruiters at no charge, while our employers fill their open positions at prices that are significantly less than other staffing agencies.


As a small business, RIFT SUCCESS understands how challenging it is to find high quality low cost web design, optimization, and development services. For that very reason, Team SUCCESS has embarked on a journey to create affordable and result driven programs designed specifically for small and medium sized businesses. Our SEO programs will help you effectively compete with big business while keeping your costs at a minimum. Suite SUCCESS and our Traffic Booster give you the freedom to concentrate on other areas of your organization while your sites climb to the top of the internet charts.


There are millions of providers out there that can tell you that their services are the best, but not many will show you how they arrived at that conclusion. RIFT SUCCESS can! We guarantee 99% service up-time, 24/7 support, no set up fees, and a 30 day money back guarantee. All of our packages give you the option to choose where you want your sites to be located in order to get ultimate load speeds. Starting at only $2.95 per month, we know we have savings for you on our mind!

True SUCCESS in life is measured by how gracefully you overcome obstacles.~Junior Sanchez {LION}

Here is the hot new introduction video for RIFT SUCCESS, courtesy of the Hip Hop Nation.  Thank you all for the wonderful work and the great energy.


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Want to keep up with the latest business headlines?  Looking to stay on top of the most up to date job and employment information? Like the newspaper and just don’t want to pay subscription fees to see what’s going on in the world?  Then you’ve come to the right place!  RIFT SUCCESS and have the solution for all of your needs with The RIFT SUCCESS Daily.  An online newspaper updated every 24 hours in order to provide viewers with the most up to date information on the Web.

The RIFT SUCCESS Daily provided its viewers with the following:

  • Latest Headlines
  • Business News
  • Stories From Around The Web
  • Technology News & Updates
  • Health Information
  • Art & Entertainment News
  • Education Information
  • Jobs and Employment Tips and News

The greatest thing is that now you don’t even have to worry about subscribing to an RSS Feed!  You can now get the paper delivered directly to your inbox daily at no charge!  Plus, it integrates with Twitter! Keep up with all of the news pertinent to our economy and stay informed faster than everyone else.  The RIFT SUCCESS Daily provides its viewers and subscribers with exactly what they are looking for when they are looking for it.  Jump on board and give it a shot!

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Freedom 300x240 Promo Direct Chooses RIFT SUCCESS 

Promo Direct, a leader in the Discount Promotional Products Industry dedicated its services this Independence Day to honor the men and women serving our country.  In a time where all of our country’s soldiers are defending our Freedom, this was very much needed.  Promo Direct introduced a contest that would gift the winning business contestant 100 branded pens for their participation.  The rules of the contest were simple, you were to express your support for the US Troops in 50 words or more to be eligible.

RIFT SUCCESS took the lead initiative and respectfully answered the call of duty.  Those wonderful men and women who fight for us to keep our Freedom and aid others to find theirs are owed this and a whole lot more.  Our love and care for them had to be known to the world.

Our Comment

“The RIFT SUCCESS Family sends our love to all of our wonderful troops. Without your sacrifice, our business efforts could not be possible. You are in our thoughts and in our prayers daily through our diverse religious beliefs. We know you answered the call of duty to defend Freedom, and for that, we will always be in debt to you all. Stay safe and know that you are not forgotten.

To those who have lost their lives on our behalf, we thank you deeply and will honor your families as the days continue. The ultimate sacrifice you gave, the ultimate penalty you paid, but know that upon thy soldier’s grave, a step to a better future has been made.


We were contacted by Online Marketing Manager Susan Smith and informed that we were nominated as the winning entry.  For us, this was a wonderful win, we will be taking those pens once they arrive and will be distributing them among 100 children in the New York area.  In turn, we will be requesting them to each write a letter to a soldier.  What will be in this letter?  A simple thank you for their sacrifice and their feelings and thoughts on what Freedom means to them.

Thank you Promo Direct for the wonderful opportunity and honor.  This contest will go further and change more lives than you could have imagined.  And Thank You to all of our Troops, without your sacrifice, American Business would not be possible.

Be sure to visit the contest page for a preview at

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At RIFT SUCCESS, we love to help others achieve their SUCCESS, for that very reason, we’ve decided to embark on a small quest with an up and rising star in the MLM circuit – The Customer Advantage.  The Customer Advantage’s owner John Milanoski is a well-known internet marketer and entrepreneur whose claim to fame came from his Marketing Millionaire training system.  Through marketplace trends, he realized how much potential social media influence had and devised a way for it to benefit the local marketplace.  His strategy consisted of taking the socially driven consumer service offering local shopping discounts and added a network marketing structure.  This component differed his product from places like Groupon and Living Social.

The Way It Works

Like Groupon and Living Social, members join The Customer Advantage for free.  Each day the member is sent an offer from a local business to provide a product or service at a substantial discount, typically in the range of 50% off.   If the member wants to take advantage of the offer, they simply purchase the coupon that is being offered.  The business gains new customer traffic and potential sales volume and the member gets a great deal.

Here is where John’s magic came into play, by adding network marketing as a component, the business is built around referrals of new members and thus increasing the chances of going viral.  When a member joins (all free), they are given a replicated website for the purpose of soliciting new member enrollments.   When the personal referral of the member makes a coupon purchase, the referring member receives 5% of that purchase.  The member will also receive a 5% override commission on all members in their downline through 5 generational levels.   When a member enrolls a local business, they will receive 2% commission on all sales made through the offers made by that local business.

Why RIFT SUCCESS Liked This Idea

The RIFT SUCCESS Family not only thought that this concept was brilliant, but we realized it would help consumers as well as businesses everywhere.  As a business, we know that what businesses can do to acquire new customers is advertise.  One of the best ways to advertise is to offer their clients deals, so twofold, this was a homerun for all businesses.  On the consumer end, everyone loves a deal, what better way to get one than to get it from a friend or colleague for no charge unless the coupon interests you.  Many of us have bought discounted reservations to restaurants, shows, products using sites like Groupon…however, the thought that one could possibly make back even a fraction of what was spent is terrific.

The Customer Advantage opened up their doors to the public and have invited businesses along for the ride, a ride RIFT SUCCESS is certainly not going to miss.  We’ll put this to the test and see if it delivers.

Check out our own Customer Advantage page at  and see for yourself.  The best thing is, it doesn’t cost you a single cent!

The Customer Advantage
The Customer Advantage

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As if all we have to offer wasn’t enough, RIFT SUCCESS adds yet a new dynamic to its powerful arsenal with our own web hosting program. At RIFT SUCCESS, we know that website hosting can be pretty expensive and sometimes difficult to manage. With that knowledge, we formulated an easy to use and inexpensive solution that satisfies all clients large to small. RIFT SUCCESS Webhosting gives you the flexibility you need in order to accomplish your website goals while saving you a substantial amount of money.  As a business, we know how to help your business!

Our Quality Service Guarantees

Our web hosting services are backed up with a lot of guarantees to make your online experience trouble free and secure. Here is a part of the reasons why your choice of our services would be a wise decision.

No Set-up Fee Instant Account Activation Multi-lingual Control Panel Site Management Tools
No Set-up Fee Instant Account Activation Multi-lingual Control Panel Site Management Tools
Full-featured E-mail Services Website Statistics 99% Service Uptime Guarantee Daily Data Back-up
Full-featured E-mail Services Website Statistics 99% Service Uptime Guarantee Daily Data Back-up
Online Documentation 24/7 Customer Support 1-Hour Support Response Time 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Online Documentation 24/7 Customer Support 1-Hour Support Response Time 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Time and Money

Let’s face it, while the economy is slowly recovering, we have a long road ahead before we are where we should be.  Individuals and businesses alike are now forced to watch every single penny that they spend due to economic uncertainty.  Prices are high and profits are low, but as businesses owners, we understand that we cannot climb out of this hole we’re in if not for our businesses.  Many organizations were hit hard by these times and are still waiting to recover, some organizations however, are already hiring.  Those fortunate enough to be in the expansion position may have a recruiting strategy, and some may not.  Whatever the case may be, the questions still remain. Why hire a staffing agency?  Why spend the money on a staffing agency when I or my HR Department can do the hiring?  Well, if you’ve fallen victim to any of the below factors, a staffing agency is exactly what you need.  Let’s take a look at what problems many employers may have faced:


Ever have an employee leave your organization at the worst possible time?  Maybe they turned in a notice, maybe they didn’t, in any event, who will do their job now?  Should something like this happen, an organization must hire very quickly to avoid a drop on the bottom line and productivity.  This being the case, employers tend to hire candidates with some of the qualifications they seek, but not necessarily all, in order to fill the position.

Time & Money

You and your HR Department are busy constantly with the changing business industry and its parameters.  Do you have the time to invest in hiring personnel?  This is your company and you probably know what you are looking for in an employee, but how to find it?  Go the job board route, an ad in the paper, a call to a friend for a referral? Here is the problem with that, you aren’t really sure if who contacts you is qualified, so you now have to sift through the resumes and the phone calls to set up interviews.  If you have a Human Resources Department, they have to go through them and still spend the time weeding out those that aren’t qualified; time you’re paying for.  What about advertising expenses?  Do you know that a 15 word ad in a local paper will cost you roughly $150 on the low end to run only a week?  How about the giant job boards?  $350 easy. What about the 15 page submission form that must be filled out to post the ad?  If you think this route will land you qualified candidates every time, chances are, you’ll experience disappointment.

Reference & Background Checks

Times like the ones we’re currently facing bring about drastic changes within people.  Some candidates are so desperate to find work that they are willing to say whatever it takes to get hired.  Fluffing up their resumes, providing false degrees, and so much as having friends pose as their professional references.  Some people will say anything to get the job, especially in times like these. Do you have a solid background and reference check program in place?  How much is that costing your budget?

Hiring Friends & Family

Have you ever had a vacancy that you needed desperately to fill?  Ever consider hiring an employee’s relative, friend, or acquaintance just to fill a position?    This is rarely a good idea as it can have negative impacts in the workplace.  How will you face your employee that has been loyal and hard working for years, when you have to let their referral go due to job performance?  What will your loyal employee do?  How will they feel?  Let’s face it, this is not a position you want to be in.

The Solution

A staffing agency has a pool of pre-screened candidates ready to be interviewed if they are a match for the job requirements you provide.  This increases the chances that you, as the employer, will find the talent truly capable of getting the job done.  Maybe you’re in a pinch because someone just left, or maybe you have a vacancy that you haven’t been able to fill.  A staffing agency just saved you time on reference checks, background checks, resume sifting, phone calls, and fruitless interviews.  Not only have you saved time, but how about the money you just saved on paying your HR Department, purchase of background check software, or even third party companies that do the checks for you?  How about the job boards or newspaper ads?  How much money did you just save on that?  What about the time you saved?  Let’s recall the hiring of friends and family…did a staffing agency not just remove the negative impact that may be had if it doesn’t work out?

Bottom Line

A staffing agency can save you time, money, and headaches.  Hiring talented individuals for companies to prosper is what a staffing agency does, let them do it for you so that you can continue business as usual.

RIFT SUCCESS can provide that for you and more. Let us know what you need, and we’ll get it done.  Here’s our trick, we can fill your recruiting needs quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively.  You’ll be shocked to know that our prices are well below the competition and are of higher standards.  Our qualified staff will do everything we can to simplify the hiring process, save you time, and save you money.  Contact us today for a quote.

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